A Wimp

What did you call me
A wimp
Is that what I am
Oh great and wonderful woman
Let me tell you how it is
    I'm the bravest man that ever lived
    I'm the inside of Clint Eastwood
    And the other side of John Wayne
A small quiet man
With soft skin
I don't pack no weapons
I let down my walls
    I let you see my real self
    Letting myself get hurt
I won't hold on
You can play
I will love you anyway
    You see
    I'm a rock breaker
    I'll get under your skin
    Make you feel within
    You'll thank me in the end
I might look like a wimpy man to you
But I'm the bravest man you'll ever meet
    If I make you angry
    It's only because you have a soft spot
    And I have a way of seeing through
    And getting in

     By:  Roger Harkness


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