Boy's On The Edge

You turned the inside out boy
Now you're on the edge
the outsides out of place
You're saying
What I doing here
I don't belong in this place
People cut and tear
They're seeing something that isn't there
You're a mess boy
Nobody can clean it up
It destroys you
Them trying to help you
They don't even know who they are
Frustration is a hand that pushes
How far will they push you
Before they realize
He sees them
They can't see themselves
As he stands there crying "See Me!"
I am you
I've turned my inside out
And I'm a part of you
He's got a plan
Different than any man
They keep saying
You're crazy man
A man without a face
Out of place
He ain't got no direction
Talking about him
Afraid to talk to him
He just might see them
Now we know why he lived in a shell
Things ain't well

Don't turn the inside out boy
No boy
That outside has a place
In this place
The inside has got to stay in its place
Bleeding to death
You almost lost it
But you ain't no disgrace
You figured it out
Saved yourself
But you can't help but
    sit and wonder
What the hell this is all about
And will it ever be possible
For us to get out
Why must we stay inside
In this place

By:  Roger Harkness


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