This Color TV Will Only Broadcast In Black and White

This color tv only broadcasts in black and white
there are no colors
it's either wrong
or right
Who is wrong
Who is right
The president is good
and the president is right
The cop is good
and the cop is right
You do the crime
you will do the time
the law is always right
there is no debate
don't be late for that court date
the cops know you're guilty because you run
just for fun
if a cop hits anyone
it's because he's humane
the criminal is an animal
and is always wrong
this is what you see
on tv
its all right and wrong
black and white
don't you worry none
we've got a gun
No one works hard
and everyone has fun
because in broadcast land they've got a plan

They do, they got a plan
and it's in black in white

By: Roger Harkness


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