Be Humble My Friend

Millions of us stand upon the face of this earth
From this earth we were born
To this earth we all return
Be careful not to put yourself up high
Becoming blind to your origination
Just a creation
That 's all we are
Don't become blind
Expecting others to pay homage to you
I tell you
The greatest man
    on the face of this earth
Washed the feet of his disciples
Who told us
The great shall serve
and in the balance
The high shall be put down low
The low shall be put up high
All of us will be equal
None of us will think differently
It will hurt the ego of the high
Bring surprised astonishment to the low
Be careful
In all the things you do
Not to forget your place
Making another person loose face

This is the law
That must be obeyed
We were all created equal

By:  Roger Harkness


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