Winter is the time that everything freezes
So we can stop
Look and see

Everything that has been done
And what is to become
Everything looks black and white
But if we look a little closer
There is no color in white
But every color makes up the black of night
Which is wrong
Which one is right
Can't see at night
But to have no color
Is that right
People have believed in right and wrong
Taking sides
They sing songs
Fearing the other side
Praying for our side to win
Smaller ones will hide
Braver ones will fight
Pain is caused
And death is made
I ask - is that right
But to not see in black and white
to not worship the day and fear the night
To not take sides
To not fear
No cause to hide
No cause to fight
Would that make everything all right
Think about this
Come the new year

But even this
Is not so simple

By: Roger Harkness


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