Come Together To Join The Tree

Roots grow out from the tree
They reach out for you and me
and yet we stand there pretend not to see
knowing full well
We all must join the tree

The clouds cover us
while the sun peaks through from time to time
What will it see
How will you be

The wind whistles a song
Asking us to come along
Will we pretend not to hear
And just what is it we fear

A rose has thorns and a bee does sting
also they bring a sweet smell, honey and sing
If we let them be
we won’t be stuck or stung
by thorn or bee
Let it be
Be free
You’ll see
Nature was meant to be

We are all here crowded together on this earth of ours
Until we learn to come together
Love each other
There will be space for each other
And room for another

By: Roger Harkness

Here we are learning love and we only learn it if we pay attention.



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